Just because someone seems okay doesn’t mean that they are


Just because people look okay doesn’t necessarily mean they are. This goes for people with and without mental health issues.

With mental health, it’s not like a broken arm where you can see the problem.

We may be able to smile and find things funny but when we go home we might have to spend an hour in bed staring at the wall because we are so exhausted from the effort of concealing the anxiety.

Sometimes we feel okay and are able to enjoy things. This is good but it doesn’t mean that we are suddenly cured.

Just because we are sometimes able to go to work and do our jobs doesn’t mean that we are fine.

We are not always unwell. There are other things in our lives too: friends, partners, family, travel, sport, music, hobbies. Some days we feel okay.

Some days we don’t.

We may struggle to feel relaxed and at ease within ourselves because we are scared of the next relapse or episode.

So when we tell you we aren’t feeling good, please don’t get frustrated and say “I thought you were fine” or question us because we don’t look ill from the outside.

We aren’t all ranting and raving, covered in scars or crying into our cereal in our pyjamas for the seventeenth day in a row.

Just trust what we say and try to understand that mental health issues are not always visible.


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