Guest Post – The Do’s and Don’ts in OCD recovery

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Dreams to be anxiety free

I am very happy to welcome a brilliantly written guest post from David. This post was written about the various things that have helped (and hindered) David’s own journey towards trying to overcome OCD. These are all things that have benefited him, if they don’t work for you please don’t lose heart but I hope that you will find some things in here that you can try or that you will find helpful. Please also feel free to comment on the things that you have found most helpful in your own experience 🙂

If you would like to seek him on twitter then please do so: @DaveJPosti

The Do’s and Don’ts for recovery from OCD

I’ve put together a list of my own OCD Do’s and Dont’s, though of course much of what I mention is also applicable to other types of anxiety disorders/depression. I should stress that they are…

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